Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Legoland & Sea Life Aquarium

A few weeks ago we took Harrison and Kinley to Grapevine to Legoland and the Sea Life Aquarium. Macie stayed with CeeCee. 

Our first stop was Rainforest Cafe. The kids loved it. 

Then we went back to the hotel for some swimming. 

They were both a little hesitant to get in, but ended up having fun!

After swimming and baths, we went to the Stockyards for dinner. 

This was the first time they ever slept in the same bed. They didn't sleep the greatest. 

Legoland started off with a ride, and you play a video game as you ride through.  It was pretty neat, but the kids didn't understand and were a little scared. 

After the ride, the kids went into the play area for a while. 

And then out to the splash park. This was by far their favorite part of Legoland. 

They each got a Lego set. 

Up next was the Sea Life Aquarium. This was one of the neatest aquariums I had ever been too. The kids enjoyed it too. 

Life lately!

We have been BUSY!!!  Here's what we've been up to lately...

We played at Grandpa's house. 

Swam a lot! 

Macie is generally a happy baby. 

Harrison turned 4!!

Per his request, we spent some time at Parker's Park for his birthday. 

We also did some swimming with friends and family. 

Lydia and Macie compared height and weight. 

The "big" kids hung out in the tent. 

Macie did lots of smiling. 

Kinley channeled the 80s with big hair! 


Group LeapPad time. 

We went to the Mayborn with Jillian and Allie. 

Macie turned 4 months!  She started baby food and LOVES it!!!  She's rolling and working on sitting on her own. She loves to sit up and play.  She doesn't nap or sleep very well these days, but hopefully that will get better soon. She's very interested in what Harrison and Kinley are doing.  She's likes being outside. Her 4 month check up went well. She's growing and developing just like she should!  Her personality is starting to show, and she's quickly approaching one of my favorite stages. I look forward to her becoming more mobile. 

She loves her feet!

Kinley put Macie's headband on her. 

We went to the splash pad. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

More summer & Macie turns 3 months!

We have been busy, busy, BUSY lately!! 

I don't have any pictures, but Harrison and Kinley finished up swimming lessons the week before the 4th. They were not very happy about it, but I think they both learned some helpful stuff. We will definitely be back at Miss Maggie's swim school next summer. I like the private lessons much more than the lessons we have done with Harrison the last couple years. 

We have grass!!  Finally!  The kids love it!  I don't even think they miss all the dirt. I definitely don't miss all the dirt being tracked into the house. 

Addie had a blast swimming with Harrison and Kinley!  And Harrison and Kinley loved having her around to play with for a few days!

Sparklers were a favorite activity for several nights. 

We made chocolate chip banana bread one afternoon after nap.  They both like to help cook. Harrison will eat it, but not Kinley. 

Macie seems to take after Kinley in the facial expressions department. 

We bought the kids an inflatable water slide last week. It has been a HUGE hit!  

Aunt Val's gender reveal was this past weekend. Harrison is finally going to have another little boy to play with!! 

Sweet Macie all dressed up for her first 4th!

The kids enjoyed their first fireworks show with Jillian and Allie. We parked on top of a Baylor parking garage, and it was the perfect spot! 

More water slide fun!

 Total relaxation. 

Yesterday we went to the zoo for the first time in a while. We went early, and it wasn't too hot. The kids enjoyed it. 

Thankfully Harrison doesn't mind being surrounded by all these girls :-) And even more thankful they play so well together. 

Their first sno-cones. Harrison liked it. Kinley called it a snowman and kept gagging. Sometimes I wonder if she's really my child. I love sno-cones!

This lil' chubs turned 3 months old on the 6th. Overall she's a pretty easy baby. She eats good, sleeps well for the most part, and is pretty chill... Until you put in her carseat. She is not a traveler. Hopefully as she gets older this will get better.  

She loves watching Harrison and a Kinley. She enjoys sitting in the bumbo, laying on the floor for a little while, and sitting on the couch. She still naps in the swing during the day.  Hopefully I will start transitioning to her crib for naps soon. I always think I will, but when she's sleeping so peacefully in that swing, it's hard to make myself disturb her. We will get there eventually.